Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall/Winter/Spring Hours

9:00AM – 12:00PM Wednesday

10:00AM – 12:00PM Saturday

Closed Sun. (Drive times will be available on Sundays under special circumstances and by requested appointment only.)

Summer Office Hours

10:00AM – 2:00PM Tuesday and Thursday

9:00AM – 12:00PM Wednesday

9:00AM – 11:00AM Saturday

Office hours are by appointment only.

Class times will vary between morning, afternoon and evening. Most morning and afternoon class will be held in the summer. Please check the schedule for which times are available for classes.

We do have a payment plan. Fifty dollars ($50) down gets you started, then you’ll make payments. The remaining balance is due before the final class.

We do have a refund policy posted in the office and with a written notice we can forward through email our policy for a refund.

Down payments are nonrefundable after the first day of class begins.

Topz N Tipz is fully covered through MAIF with what is mandated by MVA. Our cars must be fully certified including insurance that is set by MVA guidelines.
If students are at fault for being intentionally reckless, they are required to pay 50% of deductible.
  1. First drive they should have 15-20 home coach hours on a variety of roads. If they are not on a variety of roads, they will only be familiar, not able to make the adjustments to new areas. This will get them right out on the road with us. If they have less than 15, we will be in a parking lot to make sure they are safe to be on the road. We will not be in a position that can be dangerous to them, us or anyone else out on the road. I will say we have students/parents tell us all the time they have more hours than they do, but when we get on the road, the skills they show will determine if we stay on the road or switch seats and go to the parking lot. Honestly a parking lot is kind of a waste of money that you pay for an instructor to instruct your new driver, it is always better to get them out of the parking lot on your home coach time. When we stay in a parking lot it takes away on drive time that could be working on parking. We do not do parking practice on anyone that is not on the road.
  2. Second drive they should have 30-35 hours so we can just work on the things they need, to become safe drivers, along with parking practice.
  3. Third drive should be 40-45 hours. Again, this is the final drive, and this is what is scored and is submitted to MVA if they pass. They must have an 80% and within that 80% shows that they are a safe driver, and we feel they are ready to move on safely. If they fail the final drive, they will then have to pay for another drive until they can successfully pass. We do not pass students just to get them through. We truly want to work with their coaches to be sure they will be safe on the road as they enter this new journey and freedom in their lives.

Each driver instructor will put notes in the BTW notes section on the website through their student login. You will be able to access it with their username and password that was sent out with the registration. These notes you want to focus on with working at home while coaching them in the 60 hours you are driving with them.

First and foremost, there are things the students need to submit to us before they begin to schedule their drives. We need a picture copy of their learner permit and then a signed Rights and Responsibility form returned to us for their file. Once they have done this they may begin to schedule. However, here are some highlights of what needs to be done.

The students should come with some home coach hours. When you sign for your new drivers’ permit, you sign that you will drive 60 hours home with them. These 60 hours should be done in this set up. We cannot teach them to drive within 6 hours.

  • 0-5/7 hours parking lot: This will help them to begin the process of learning to stop and go (acceleration and braking), turning the wheel and adjusting to how to control the vehicle (right and left turns and maintaining space).
  • 5/7-12/15 hours neighborhood roads: This will give them the ability to work on lane management and spacing control around other vehicles in a slower speed.
  • 15-30/35 hours: Should be moving to roads like Crain Hwy/B&A Blvd/Route 175/Waugh Chapel Rd/Ritchie Hwy/Dorsey Rd. This will get them working on different speeds and getting to know other roads and begin working on turns onto multiple lane roads, working on lane changes (Sunday mornings around BWI circle is quiet to work on lane changes), dual left or right turns, merging, yielding, entering traffic from side roads, 4-way stops, right turns on red.
  • 35-60 hours: They should be doing all areas of driving, by 45 hours they should have a good understanding of decisional making in driving. This means you can give them a direction like the 3rd light we are going to make a left turn, you might be in the right lane, they will need to know they will have to switch lanes to get in the left lane so they will be able to get into the left turn lane when they get there.

Classes can be made up in the next scheduled session of classes. You will have to attend the unit that was missed. You may also make up the final if that class was missed during office hours. However, there is a fee for the make-up testing.

We will do everything possible to make sure we can meet you BTW times.

Baltimore, Linthicum, Glen Burnie, Millersville, Odenton, Fort Meade, Crofton, Hanover, Annapolis we are open for all areas

We do not pick up students at this time. All students must meet us at the driving school at 8120 Veterans Hwy in Millersville. We book our drives back to back so we can get as many drive times in as possible.

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